Style of an interior is a unique combination of objects and jewelry spiritually close to the owner of the house. The interior reflects your character, a way of life, taste and your identity therefore you should think of the style choice in advance, all subsequent steps in creation of an interior of your house will depend on it. Correctly chosen style of an interior will help you to feel at home comfortably and conveniently.

        At present time there is a set of styles in an interior, one of them is  Loft (English loft - "apartments above", "attic") - design without claims. The loft gains popularity in modern society therefore allows your apartment to become more original and expressive. The basic principle - any partitions and a maximum of fresh air. The loft is a huge open space, high light ceilings, big windows, non-standard accessories, a combination old and new in an interior. From old leave in the room  a beam, a pipe, open ventilating systems, ladders, the peeled-off frames, and an old brickwork - special chic and add furniture novelties, the modern equipment, the modern chrome plated details and mirrors to all this. The bedroom, a bathroom and utility rooms remain certain rooms. The loft is ideal for fans of light, air, and a scope in the house.

Style Industrial is very popular today. It is traditionally carried to it the directions as hi-tech, a techno and minimalism. The basic principle - open space. The room has to be big, spacious, with big windows and high ceilings. Walls, a floor and a ceiling are most natural, however for bigger style harmony brick walls can be painted by paint, and the laminate or boards is laid on the floor. Frosted  metal with traces of a rust, plasticity, rough concrete, a shabby brick, the made old tree, dimensional pictures, advertizing boards and graffiti - the main components of this style. Furniture shouldn't be much - a small modern sofa without excessive decor, couple of chairs, a table, several shelves. In an interior rough lamps and bright light are used. Style industrial is ideal for the young people who are keeping up to date.

Graceful, modest, cozy and at the same time refined, expressive, respectable - such is style grunge, style of the French aristocrats. The main lines - lack of pretentiousness and strict rules in design of interiors, and presence of simplicity and naturalness. In an interior use only solid natural materials: stone, brick, tree, tile, forging. Furniture in style grunge is armchairs and chairs with round legs and with the rounded-off backs, whatnots, consoles, round tables, a bed, cases made of wood with traces of an easy artificial or natural aging. Grunge is impossible without textile elements of a decor from high-quality natural linen, cotton and woolen fabrics, such as curtains and carpets, pillows and plaids, covers and cloths. Decorative accessories in this style of an interior are used in the minimum quantity - it is photos, pictures, flowerpots, vases, lamps with the fabric lamp shade. The apartment or the house issued in style grunge perfectly will be suitable for people who prefer a cosiness and tranquility.

An excellent alternative to the classic styles in the interior was the rustic style (French rustique - "simple", "rough") - rural, rustic style. The main feature is the use for finishing rough, untreated natural wood materials such as oak, beech, pine and cherry, and also using natural stone, including marble, sandstone, limestone, granite and dolomite. In the interior, beams, floors, walls, furniture and decorative objects should be made of wood. An important role in the design of the rustic style is played by furniture. It should be solid, massive, but it should not be much. Decorative elements in contrast, should be gentle, elegant. All finishing fabrics in rustic style - natural. A rustic country house is ideal, but a village corner, if desired, can be created in the apartment.

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