Our company is a family business which was founded by  brother and  sister. From here and our name BENDS - Brother and Sister.

We adore natural materials, we perfectly know sense of style and we like to create exclusive furniture and interiors! For many years of work in the market of individual furniture we have created more than 500 units of goods which decorate as private houses / apartments so  public institutions, offices, restaurants now. We work generally in styles  loft, industrial, grunge and  rustic. Since stylistics - a thing sometimes very subjective, we understand that many clients understand it in their own way. But the main thing that unites these styles is natural materials, free solutions and unique naturalness.

We are engaged in a full cycle: from the creation of the IDEA to the MANUFACTURE of furniture and textiles!

Very often ourselves propose the competent and harmonious solution for our clients, whether it be production of furniture, or completely registration.

Main services of our company:

  • development of the idea of furniture or interior in general (design)
  • 3D visualization of future object and design
  • production of furniture to order (any complexity, in any quantity)
  • zoning of rooms
  • production of elements of a decor, interior, textiles
  • delivery of furniture worldwide

We will be glad to work with creative and freedom-loving clients and are sure that we will find a common language!


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